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A business is recognized by the reliability and dependability of the services it offers to its clients. These services form a barometer of future transactions, and are directly proportional to the foreseeable business the company is going to generate.

In line of our work expertise: debt collection, these services are often regarded as seldom effective, tedious, and time consuming. Debt Collections honors each and every client as a valuable asset to the company, without regarding the job as small or great. And combined with the efficiency of over 400 highly knowledgeable and experienced affiliated attorneys and various other reputable and dependable debt collection services agencies all over the key metropolitan localities, the process of debt collection services becomes exceedingly productive.

UAE Debt Collections proudly provides services to its clients within 21 different industries. With such an expanded circle of influence, debt collection services become a novelty of invigorative ideas and imminent results to us, as we strive for the quickest and most beneficial solutions to the financial undertakings. Be it the recovery of money, or drawing up a settlement, a matter of the collection of medical or house insurance, or resolving a troublesome undertaking by filing a civil or criminal case, our employees are trained to meet whatever challenges they face during these debt collection services.

UAE Debt Collections covers the following types of industries under our debt recovery systems:

  • Normal Accounts Collection
  • Stock/ Default Accounts Collection
  • Disputed Amounts Collection
  • Cheque Bounce/ Unpaid Invoices Collection
  • To file a Criminal Case
  • To file a Civil Case
  • Unpaid Salaries
  • Drafting of Credit Facility Letter
  • Insurance Collection
  • Construction and Maintenance Debts
  • Mortgage Payment Collections
  • Real Estate/ Installment Collection
  • Real Estate Dispute Settlement
  • Trade Debts
  • Travel Debts
  • Health Care Debts/ Legal Issues
  • Medical Debt Collection Services
  • Telecom
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Banks Collection
  • Financial Settlements between Creditor and Debtor

Contact us at UAE Debt Collections for resourceful, proficient and well- organized debt collection services in local and international businesses.