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Central focus is YOU!

When you put your money on the line, you take a considerable surmountable risk. But great astounding success does not come without these risks. At UAE Debt Collection, we understand the sensitivity of your business and the nature of today’s other structural businesses, and we provide a secure and sure debt collection solution to all your creditor’s woe. we take great pride in informing you that we have been collecting bad debt from B2B firms since 1999.

Our Associated members are internationally reputable law firms and law list publishers who encompass the enduring elements of this highly productive cycle of debt collections. Our attorneys follow the prescribed debt collection guidelines and abide by the consumer protection laws, and their usage of fair debt collection services provides us with a legal edge in over 200 countries, all with a different legal structure!

As our client, you can be sure of the following things:

Personalized recovery officer and service
Expert account handling by professionally experienced specialists
Consistent, step by step treatment with all your accounts
Tracking and monitoring performance for optimum results
World- wide expertise

Be it contacting a debtor to pursuing a debt, UAE Debt Collections works with its clients, firmly believing as if it is our own money to recover. Contact us to ensure the safe and uncomplicated recovery of your debts by healthy means.

Why We Are Different

We are regionally and internationally debt collection service provider having the vast experience in successful debt recoveries. We have specialized Debt Collection and Lawyers team to eliminate any difficulties in debt recovery and collections.

Unlike other debt recovery agencies, we have our own investigation process and informative data in order to obtain a wide range of information regarding the availability and the information of the debtor.

We cover all emirates Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Alain, Ajman and Ras al khaimah. Regionally we cover Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, India, Pakistan, China, Turkey, Russia.

We offer legal services in multiple languages and our website can be accessed in language of your choice. We strongly believe Debt collection has to be done with a professional approach to maintain the goodwill with our client.